Somalia Judges conduct Mock Trial at Supreme Court, Nairobi

Supreme Court judge Ibrahim Mohammed with Somalia Judges and officials from UNODC during the opening ceremony of the Mock Trial for the Somalia Judiciary held at Supreme Court of Kenya on March 5, 2018.​

Supreme Court Judge Ibrahim Mohammed today presided over the opening ceremony of a three-day Mock Trial Session for Judges from Somalia. 

The ceremony that was attended by UNODC, Judges form Kenya and Somalia, advocates and prosecutors was held at the Supreme Court, Nairobi.

The Mock Trial was aimed at growing capacity of Somali criminal justice practitioners to conduct efficient trials in respect of international standards trials.

Further, the exercise is expected to forge collaboration among participants and serve as an assessment of the current Somali criminal justice system’s capacity to deliver a human rights-compliant trial on serious crimes.

 It presents a unique opportunity for cross-fertilization of ideas and practices between judges, prosecutors and defence lawyers and sets tone for the emerging paradigm of south-south shared learning and cooperation.

The exercise was organized by partners to the Mogadishu Prison Court Complex (MPCC) project ahead of the official opening of the newly constructed complex.

The Mock Trial will be held under supervision of criminal justice experts from the UN, UK FCO, IDLO and the US. Those to participate in the Trial include Somali Judges, Prosecutors and Defence lawyers. Each of these groups will be assisted by two Kenyan judges, Prosecutors and Defence lawyer. At various stages of the trial there will be ‘time outs’ where the actors meet in order to discuss the latest developments of the trial. The Trial to be held under MPCC Courtroom infrastructure environment will run for four days. The first three days will be dedicated to the trial itself and the last day, a joint plenary of criminal justice practitioners from Somalia and Kenya. Thereafter, judges will visit the Judiciary Training Institute (JTI).

The Nairobi’s Supreme Court room which was identified for the Mock Trial, allows contributors and observers from the international community to attend and assist in the trial.

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