E-Filing takes shape in Nairobi Courts


Courts in Nairobi have so far received and processed over 200 matters filed through the new E-Filing platform introduced in the Judiciary on July 1.


As at July 8, 2020, a total of 284 cases had been filed in some Nairobi courts through the E-Filing system and over Ksh3,836,518 collected as court fees, fines & bail.


The courts have also uploaded 3,076 files in the Case Tracking System to facilitate the new system launched by Chief Justice David Maraga on July 1 for Courts in Nairobi.


Milimani Commercial Magistrates Court had the highest number of cases filed through E-Filing system – 153 cases followed by the High Court’s Commercial and Tax Division which received 50 matters filed as at July 8.


Through the new system, Milimani Magistrates Court Criminal collected Ksh1,623,290, Milimani Commercial Magistrates Court Ksh935, 858, while Milimani High Court Commercial and Tax Division, Ksh831,950 and Milimani Magistrate Traffic, Ksh227, 500.


Milimani Commercial Magistrate Court has so far uploaded 1,404 documents in the Case Tracking System while Milimani High Court Commercial and Tax Division, 654 files and Milimani Magistrate Court Criminal 253 files.


Electronic filing (e-filing) is the creation and submission of case documents electronically (online) to Court Registries. It is a web-based application that sits on a server and can be accessed from any location with internet connection. E-filing System provides a platform for Law firms, lawyers and other litigants to initiate and complete the process of filing cases online from their offices /remotely. They do not need to physically visit courts to file cases or banking halls to pay court fees.


The system is being used by the Supreme Court, Court of Appeal, All High Court Divisions in Nairobi, Environment and Land Court (ELC) Nairobi, Nairobi Anti-Corruption Court, Nairobi Employment and Labour Relations Court (ELRC). Other stations in Nairobi where the system is now in use include Milimani Chief Magistrate Court Commercial, Children Court Milimani Nairobi, Makadara, JKIA and Kibera Law Courts as well as Deputy Kadhis Court & City Court.




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