Courts adopt technology to combat spread of COVID -19

Courts adopt technology to combat spread of COVID -19.  The Judiciary has adopted a raft of measures to mitigate the spread of the Corona Virus in the justice sector.

Malindi Law Courts is currently leveraging on technology to decongest courtrooms while Taita Taveta County has embarked on prison decongestion exercise to curb the spread of the virus.

On Friday, Malindi Court led by Chief Magistrate Dr Julie Aseko presided over live court proceedings via a video conferencing facility enabled by the Skype technology. The exercise conducted in conjunction with Malindi GK prisons saw 157 matters handled by the court, by close of business.  

In Taita Taveta, Voi High Court Presiding Judge Farah Amin processed 24 files from Wundanyi Magistrate’s Court and issued orders for release of 23 petty offenders from Wundanyi GK Prison as part of efforts to decongest prison facilities and mitigate the spread of COVID-19.  

All other courts in the country have put up measures such as hearing matters at the customer care centres established at the courts to maintain a social distance and in turn curb the spread of the virus. 

This is in line with National Council on the Administration of Justice move, chaired by Chief Justice David Maraga, to scale down court activities in compliance with the directives issued by the National Emergence and Response Committee.



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