2019 Annual Magistrates and Kadhis Colloquium will not interrupt delivery of justice by courts

NEWS RELEASE. WEDNESDAY, April 3, 2019. This year’s Annual Magistrates and Kadhis Colloquium will be held from next week starting April 8. 

To ensure that delivery of justice is not disrupted, the officers will attend the conference in two groups. The first group of magistrates will attend from April 8 to 11, while the second group, from April 15 to 18. 

Although court processes may experience minimal disruption, care has been taken to ensure no court is left unattended by a Judicial Officer. Judiciary assures the public that no court will be left unmanned during this period.


“While we may experience minimal disruption of court processes, in drawing the participation lists, care has been taken to ensure that at no time will any court be left unattended by a Judicial Officer,” Registrar Magistrates Courts Peter Mulwa said.

  • He added: “In addition, courts have been advised to put in place measures that will ameliorate the inconveniences which may be occasioned to advocates and litigants.”


Further, Judiciary wishes to state that at no time will Karatina Law Courts be left unmanned as reported today in a section of the media due to the forthcoming colloquium and therefore court operations will not be interrupted.


Resident Magistrate Sandra Kosgey will attend to cases from April 8 to 12, while Senior Resident Magistrate Karen Njalale will handle cases at the station during the second session that runs from April 15 to 18. This means that the court’s business will not stop because of the conference.

See attached Notice [ Download Notice  ]




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