Tourism Tribunal


The Tribunal is established under Section 87 of the Tourism Act No. 28 of 2011, Laws of Kenya.

Number of members of the Tribunal

  • it is composed of 5 members inclusive of the Chairperson.

Quorum of the Tribunal

  • in determination and hearings of the Tribunal, the Chairperson and two other members shall form quorum.


the Tribunal shall hear and determine;

  • appeals arising from any decisions made under the Act by the Tourism Regulatory Authority;
  • complaints arising from the exercise of the Minister’s powers;
  • any conflicts that may arise between tourism agencies;
  • questions relating to refusal to grant a license by the authority under the Act or unreasonable delay in the making of the grants; and
  • complaints by any person aggrieved by any act done by any person.


  • tourism agencies
  • tourists


Not Operational

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