The National Environment Tribunal

Establishing statute

The tribunal is established under Section 125 of the Environment Management and Coordination Act 1999.

Mandate and jurisdiction

Its mandate is to hear disputes arising from decisions of the National Environment Management Authority on issuance, denial or revocation of licenses. It also deals with offences from the Kenya Wildlife Management Act and the Kenya Forests Act.

Membership and quorum.

Membership shall consist of:

    • A person nominated by the Judicial Service Commission, who shall be a person qualified for appointment as a judge of the Environment and Land Court of Kenya;

    • An advocate of the High Court of Kenya nominated by the Law Society of Kenya

    • A lawyer with professional qualifications in environmental law appointed by the Cabinet Secretary

    • Three persons with demonstrated competence in environmental matters, including but not limited to land, energy, mining, water, forestry, wildlife and maritime affairs.

The quorum for hearing or determining any cause or matter before the Tribunal under the Act shall be three members.


Department of Resource Surveys and Remote Sensing (DRSRS), Popo Road, South C (Belle Vue). -Tel: 020 – 6003729

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