This Tribunal is established under Section 3 of the Tax Appeals Tribunal Act No. 40 of 2013, Laws of Kenya.

Number of Members of the Tribunal

A Chairperson, and not less than fifteen (15) but not more than twenty (20) other members with not less than five (5) and not more than nine (9) who shall be Advocates of the High Court of Kenya.

Qualifications of the members of the Tribunal

The Chairperson must be a person qualified by law to be appointed as a Judge of the High Court;
A member must have at least ten years’ experience in either of the following fields, finance, law, business, public finance, economics, insurance or related discipline from a university or institution recognized in Kenya.
The Tribunal hears and determines appeals from a person who disputes the decision(s) of the Commissioner on a tax matter(s) arising under the tax law provisions.

Our Clients

  •  Taxpayers, both individual and corporate persons
  •  Tax Agents
  •  Advocates
  •  Kenya Revenue Authority

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