As part of dissemination and sensitization of staff, all trainings and workshops organized by JTI have had a component of SJT. The components include fair access to justice, clearance of case backlog, integrity, fight corruption and re-organization of Judiciary complaints handling mechanisms, restructuring and strengthening the office of the Judiciary Ombudsperson, Judiciary digital strategy and leadership and governance.

The workshops highlighted the main focus of SJT that include:

  • Improvement in the speed and quality of service delivery;
  • Increasing efficiency and effectiveness at individual and system levels;
  • Promoting individual accountability for performance;
  • Promoting institutional accountability;
  • Automation, digitization and improvement of work methods;
  • Operationalization of development systems;
  • Entrenching performance measurement and monitoring and evaluation; and
  • Entrenching developed policies and manuals.
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