JPIP Updates


The Judicial Performance Improvement Project (JPIP) on-going court rehabilitation and construction works are in compliance with Environmental and Social Management Plan (ESMP) safeguards. An Environmental and Social Safeguards Review Report undertaken by a World Bank Group consultant reveals that four Judiciary courts that are being rehabilitated meet the required guidelines set out by National Environmental Management Authority (NEMA) and National Construction Authority (NCA).

The environmental and social safeguards performance review was undertaken at Chuka, Engineer, Kigumo and Molo Law Courts. The rehabilitation and construction works comprise of increasing the number of court rooms and chambers, separate holding cells for both gender and juveniles, administration offices, and other attendant court facilities.

The report notes that contractors have an ESMP checklist that they follow in order to comply with requisite safeguards policies. Gender inclusivity has been considered though the uptake on the side of women is low. There seems to be satisfactory adherence to occupational, health and safety standards. It was noted further that workers have been sensitized on HIV/AIDS and STDs. In situations where workers have been sourced from outside the county, sensitization sessions have been undertaken to enable them work effectively in the community. The sites have safety officers who act as first line of First Aid in cases of emergency. The report further states that there is need for continuance compliance monitoring.

Safeguards measures are adhered to by workers.

 Construction workers wearing safety equipment as required.

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