Retirement Benefits Appeals Tribunal


The Tribunal is established under Section 47 of the Retirement Benefits Act No. 3 of 1997, Laws of Kenya.

Number of members of the Tribunal

  • it is composed of five (5) members inclusive of the Chairperson.

Quorum of the Tribunal

  • In determination and hearings of the Tribunal, the Chairman and any other two members of the Tribunal shall form a quorum.


  • The Tribunal hears and determination of appeals against the decisions of the Authority or of the Chief Executive Officer;
  • disputes arising between any person and the Authority to the exercise of powers conferred upon the Authority;
  • unreasonable refusal to register any scheme, Manager, corporate trustee, custodian or Administrator; and
  • unreasonable deregistration of a manager, corporate Trustee or Custodian.


  • Member of a Retirement Benefit Scheme
  • Retirement Benefits Scheme



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