Political Parties Disputes Tribunal – PPDT

Establishing Statute

The tribunal is established under Section 39 of Political Parties Act No 11 of 2011.

Mandate and jurisdiction

It hears and determines disputes arising out of Political Parties’ affairs. Section 40 of the Political Parties Act 2011, provides for the categories of disputes that shall be determined by the PPDT, namely:

(a)   disputes between members of a political party;

(b)   disputes between a member of a political party and a political party;

(c)    disputes between political parties;

(d)  disputes between an independent candidate and a political party;

(e)   disputes between coalition partners;

(f)     appeals from decisions of the Registrar under this Act; and

(fa)   disputes arising out of party primaries.

Section 40(2) provides that the PPDT shall not hear or determine any dispute under paragraph (a), (b), (c) or (e) above unless the dispute has been heard and determined by the internal political party dispute resolution mechanisms.

Membership and quorum

The tribunal has 7 members who operate on a part time basis.

A Quorum is 3 members of which, one must be an Advocate.


Milimani Law Court, Room No.31

P.O BOX 30041-00100


Email: ppdt@court.go.ke, ppdtke@gmail.com

Cellphone: 0734010731


To access The High Court Cause List, Visit http://kenyalaw.org


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