New members of two Commissions take oath at Supreme Court

JUDICIARY, Nairobi, Monday, May 4, 2020. New members of two Commissions take oath at Supreme Court. MONDAY, May 4, 2020

Chief Justice David Maraga today at the Supreme Court presided over the swearing-in ceremony of the members of the Salaries and Remuneration Commission (SRC) and the Teachers Service Commission (TSC).

The CJ called on those sworn in to be true to the oath and uphold the integrity of two commissions. He said that there is no doubt that the commissions perform very important roles in the country.

He noted that for a long time, public salaries and remuneration were not given proper attention in terms of policy and law adding that there is need to balance the ever-present need to improve the terms of public officers and the broader economic balance.

“While there is an ever-present need to improve the terms of public officers, there is a legitimate need to balance between such expected benefit and broader economic balance. It is also our expectation that the SRC will lead us in ensuring this perfect balance,” the CJ said.

He called on the TSC to ensure there is continuous learning during this period of COVID 19 even when the pupils and students are staying at home.

“Indeed, during this time that we are combating the effects of COVID-19, we have seen efforts by teachers and schools to ensure that learning continues, even as students stay at home,” CJ Maraga said.

He added: “It is my hope that the team at TSC will deliver on these legitimate and important expectation.”

The Chief Justice said parents entrusted teachers with their children, with the hope that the teachers will educate them and mould them into responsible persons and citizens who can serve their society adding that the management and motivation of teachers to do their work also largely rests on the TSC.

Ms Amina Abdallah was sworn in as a member to the Salaries and Remuneration Commission while Mr Mbage Njuguna Ng’ang’a and Ms Leila Abdi Ali, took oath of office as members of the Teachers Service Commission.


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