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Mediation program takes lead in promoting access to justice

The Court Annexed Mediation program has seen over 600 cases referred to mediation, with an overall settlement rate of 55.24%.

Currently, an estimate of Ksh.2.2 billion has been released into the economy by virtue of cases that have been resolved through mediation.

Speaking during 2018 Mediation Conference, Principal Judge of the High Court, Justice Lydia Achode noted that mediation was taking root in the Judiciary and was crucial in reduction of case backlog and unlocking funds locked up in litigation.

The mediation program, whose slogan is “a solution for you by you,” came into operation on April 4, 2016 in the Commercial and Family Divisions of the High Court, at Milimani Law Courts.

Upon conclusion of the pilot project, mediation was introduced in the Civil Division of the High Court, the Children’s court and the Chief Magistrates’ Commercial Courts. A model which will guide replication of mediation across the country has been developed and implementation is underway.


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