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Nyando Court was established in 1921 as Native Tribunal. It was renamed Nyando African Court operating from under a tree. The court comprised of a Chief Native Commissioner, an African Court Officer and an African appointed by then the Governor of Kenya. One of the appointees was Shadrack Malo, a former president of the central Nyanza Court of Appeals.

The first building was in 1940. The old Court housed 2 Magistrates, staff and records of over 1800 cases. Judicial officers and staff worked in squeezed premises hazardous to their health and safety, but this is now in the past. The new court built consists of three courtrooms, three chambers, several spacious offices, new cells which have separate holding facilities for men, women and juveniles complete with toilets, client consultation rooms, a lounge for advocates and judicial officers, children’s room and public toilets.

Speaking during the unveiling of the ultra-modern court building in Nyando on 23rd November, the Chief Justice said the ongoing constructions signified “our continued determination to facilitate easy access to justice for all Kenyans as one of the key deliverables in our efforts to transform the Judiciary.”

The Nyando building is the second court building opened supported by Judicial Performance improvement project this year. Its construction started in 2015. Early this month, the Chief Justice opened a new building in Kigumo, Murang’a county.

The new facility will result in greater efficiency in the delivery of services.

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