JPIP Updates


The design for the new Kapsabet High Court was presented to Court Users Committee, Judicial Officers & Staff, other justice sector stakeholders and members of the public. Trioscape Ltd, a consultant firm, after the presentation collected views and suggestions that can be incorporated into the final design of the court. The Judiciary encourages public participation in the development of its infrastructure. The new High Court in Nandi County will reduce the distances litigants have to travel to Eldoret and other courts to have their cases heard. The court will have eight (8) court rooms, 11 chambers, spacious registries, separate cells for male, female and juveniles, offices for prosecution counsel, witness protection room, lactation rooms for staff and litigants, children’s area, ramps and other facilities.

Design of Kapsabet High Court

Court Users follow court design presentation by Trioscape Consultants

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