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Hon. Justice (Prof) Jacton B. Ojwang

Hon. Justice (Prof) Jacton B. Ojwang

The Hon. Justice (Prof.) Jackton B. Ojwang was appointed, on 16th June, 2011 to the inaugural Bench of the Supreme Court of Kenya. He previously served as a Full Professor of Law at the Faculty of Law (now School of Law), University of Nairobi where he worked for a total of 27 years, holding various academic ranks, and also served as the Chair of the Department of Private Law, Dean of Faculty, Director of the University Board of Postgraduate Studies and member of the University Senate. In early 1982 he had served as Visiting Associate Professor of Law at the J. Reuben Clark Law School, Brigham Young University, Provo, Utah, USA.

Justice (Prof.) Ojwang studied law at Nairobi and Cambridge Universities and has carried out research, taught and served as external examiner in reputable universities around the world. He is an accomplished legal scholar and academic with vast experience nationally, on the African continent, and globally. 

Recently, Justice Ojwang, who holds the Ph.D. in law of the University of Cambridge (1981), has developed a Higher Doctoral Thesis from his continual research and publication, for which he earned the Doctor of Laws (LL.D.) degree of the University of Nairobi on 4th September, 2015. This original analysis depicts the thread in his legal works, and bears the title, The Unity of the Constitution and the Common Law, and has now been published by Lambert Academic Publishing, Norderstedt, Germany (2019).

Justice (Prof.) Ojwang has served the public in different capacities as a scholar and a judicial officer. He has also contributed to the development of law, as a member of Government Commissions, and as an advisor to Government bodies.

Justice (Prof.) Ojwang has also consulted for a wide range of agencies.  He is a prolific academic and legal scholar who has authored many works.  His research interests include: Legal theory/Jurisprudence; Constitutional law; Comparative Law; Environmental Law and Intellectual Property law.

Justice (Prof.) Ojwang’s deeply cultivated foundations in advanced legal research and scholarship have been fully implanted in judicial dispute-settlement, a sphere in which he has derived distinct intellectual and professional fulfilment. (See detailed profile)


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