JPIP Updates


Performance evaluation and target setting exercise was conducted by several teams from the Performance Management and Measurement Steering Committee with technical support from Performance Management Directorate. Using the Performance Management and Measurement Understandings (PMMUs) instruments, the process entailed systematic setting of performance targets and assessing achievements made against evidence of implementation. The highly consultative exercise was conducted between September and November 2017 and evaluated the performance of the courts for the financial year 2016-2017 and set the targets for the 2017-2018 financial year. The exercise, which is in the third cycle of implementation, targeted all courts, registries, directorates and semi-autonomous institutions within the judiciary.

Hon. Justice Luka Kimaru, a member of the Performance Management and Measurement Steering Committee setting targets with Hon. Justice Charles Kariuki of the Makueni High Court and Hon. Justice Charles Mbogo of the Environment and Land Court in Makueni

Hon. Justice Kimaru perusing through the Makueni Law Court civil register together with the PMD team of Nyambane, NJeru, Caroline and Khadhi Ishaq who is a member of PMMSC.

Hon. Justice Luka Kimaru holding consultative meeting on the PMMU exercise with Machakos High Court Presiding Judge Hon. Justice Pauline Nyamweya and Chief Magistrate Hon. Alfred Kibiru, Head of Station with the PMD team documenting the process.

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