Judicial Leaders Advisory Council


The Judicial Leaders Advisory Council, is advisory in nature and its primary mandate is to advise and support the Chief Justice in establishing judicial policy and practice for effectively implementing the core function of the Judiciary in the administration of justice in Kenya.

The Council comprises: the Chief Justice as the Chairman; the President of the Court of Appeal; the Principal Judge of the High Court as the Secretary of the Council.  It also comprises one Judge of the Court of Appeal; one Judge of the High Court; and one Magistrate all appointed by the Chief Justice.

The Council’s Terms of Reference are:

  1. Provide advice to the Chief Justice in the development and implementation of judicial policy and practice;
  2. Provide strategic, policy and operational advice and support to the Chief Justice on issues critical to the success of the Judiciary and the administration of justice;
  3. Ensure that the principle of consultation with judges, magistrates and other judicial officers in the exercise of judicial authority is observed;
  4. Provide advice and perspectives on the implications of major administrative measures and policies on the performance of the judicial function;
  5. Ensure that obstacles to the successful adoption, use and delivery of programmes for the optimum management of the Judiciary are minimized or removed;
  6. Foster collaboration and collegiality within the Judiciary.


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