Judges give views on Judiciary Independence and accountability

Judges of the High Court and the Environment Land Court from across the country met at Milimani law courts to provide views and perspectives based on their experience and their aspirations to the JSC Sub-Committee on Judiciary Independence and Accountability. The subcommittee is tasked with;

  1. Assessing the status of the Judiciary independence and accountability since the promulgation of the constitution, 2010
  2. Examining and reviewing the current constitution, legal and administrative framework of the independence and accountability of the Judiciary and make appropriate recommendations on strengthening this framework
  3. Examining the emergent case law and judicial pronouncements since 2010, and determine their implication for effective design and implementation of the constitution.

The Judges contributions will assist the Subcommittee to make relevant constitutional, legal and administrative recommendations on Judiciary independence and accountability.


Judges give 

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