JPIP Updates

JPIP upbeat to complete construction of courts


During the year 2015, rehabilitation and construction works under the Judicial Performance Improvement Project (JPIP) continued smoothly at nine courts stations across the country.

The sites include Engineer, Chuka, Kigumo, Molo, Nyamira, Nyando, Oyugis, Tamu and Vihiga Law Courts. The court sites were handed over to contractors early in the year. The construction of the nine courts is expected to be complete in September 2016.

JPIP has already rehabilitated two court pilot projects, namely; Kangame and Kitui Law Courts. JPIP is a World Bank funded program that is meant to improve access to justice.

 The various construction stage at some of the court stations in the country:

Masonry works being done at Chuka Law Court.

On-going rehabilitation works of Chuka Law Court

On-going rehabilitation works of Engineer Law Court

Construction Consultant supervising the construction of Kigumo Court

On-going rehabilitation works of Kigumo Law Court

The architect discussing the court design at Molo Court site meeting.

On-going rehabilitation works of Molo Law Court

On-going rehabilitation works of Nyamira Law Court

The construction architect is particular about details of the Nyamira Law Court

Men at work on Nyando Law Court

On-going rehabilitation works of Nyando Law Court

On-going rehabilitation works of Vihiga Law Court

Regular site meetings are held at court construction sites to ensure that the projects are on time, meet required standards and are professionally built.

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