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The construction of the Molo Law Courts is expected to be complete by February 2018. Ninety eight percent of the construction works is complete and it is partially occupied by Judiciary. Court users are very pleased with the design of the building and the spacious facilities it offers. “We used to have a very small court, people couldn’t fit inside the court rooms but now we have a very big court building with spacious court rooms.” says Michael Kiama of Elburgon, Molo Constituency. Kiama, a church elder who was at the court for his case, stated that he is very happy that the services have been brought closer to the people. “Before we used to travel all the way to Nakuru to have matters heard. Now it has been brought closer.” The new building will have 4 court rooms, 5 chambers, registries with adequate shelves to make retrieval of files easier and faster, a well-stocked library, offices for Prosecution Counsel, Police, Prison  and Probation officers. Inspector Rolex Ogoy, Prisons Officer at the Molo Court is pleased with the holding cells at the courts. Inspector Ogoy states that “The design and setup of the cells has improved the working conditions because they are spacious and give room for adequate security. Previously it was small and congested making it prone to security breaches.” The new building has separate cells for male, female and juveniles, separate toilets facilities within the building.

The Judiciary continues to pursue excellence in service delivery by building ultra-modern facilities across the country. The new facilities will adequately handle the current caseload of 2,480 files at Molo Law Court.

New cells for Male and Female at Molo Law Courts

New Molo Law Courts

Previous Molo Court

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