CJ Koome calls on justice actors to embrace automation criminal justice processes

Nairobi. CJ Koome calls on justice actors to embrace automation criminal justice processes

Chief Justice Martha Koome has called on all actors to embrace a shared vision for the integration of automation of criminal justice processes.

She said the Judiciary is rolling out and implementing the Kenya Judiciary’s Digitisation Agenda to enhance the Judiciary’s institutional performance and efficiency and effectiveness in service delivery.

The CJ said the automation project is however likely not to yield any fruits in such a system where courts embrace automation, whilst the prosecution, probation, prisons and defense lawyers do not embrace similar initiatives.

She explained that it is only when all actors in the criminal justice chain adopt an integrated approach that we will be able to realize the benefits that accrue from automation.

“An overriding imperative for success of automation of courts is that all actors in the criminal justice “chain” should all pull towards the same end,” the Chief Justice said.

She said the Digitisation Agenda will continue to be a central focus in judicial processes and administration in Kenya given that harnessing and leveraging technology in the delivery of justice is a key anchor of the ‘Social Transformation through Access to Justice (STAJ)’ vision of the Kenyan Judiciary.

“I am a firm believer that the realization of our common vision of enhancing efficiency and effectiveness of the criminal justice sector lies in leveraging on technology to improve on our service delivery.” CJ Koome said.

The assured that the Judiciary will remain committed to the automation agenda and will work with other agencies to drive this agenda forward.

“We will work to adopt interventions and innovations that mitigate digital exclusion to ensure that all litigants especially those from vulnerable groups are not left behind or excluded from accessing justice,” she said.

The CJ was speaking during a Hybrid Conference on Automation of Criminal Cases held today at in Nairobi.



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