Kasarani Courts handle over 1,000 cases related to breach of COVID -19 Regulations

Milimani Criminal Court shifts Covid-19 related cases to Kasarani Stadium

The Milimani Chief Magistrate Criminal Courts has established two temporary courts at the Kasarani Stadium to deal with urgent cases of offenders breaching COVID-19 regulations

The courts were set up on May 7, 2020 after a consultative meeting between the Chief Justice, Inspector General of Police, Director of Public Prosecution and officials from the Ministry of Sports

So far, about 1,500 accused persons have been charged at the Kasarani courts with various offences which are:-

  • Breach of curfew orders contrary to order N.3 of the Public Order (State Curfew) Orders 2020 as read with section 8 (6) of Public Order Act 56 Laws of Kenya
  • Failing to maintain physical distance of not less than 1.5 metre form another person in public place contrary to Rule 6(1) as read with 6(3) and Rule 11 of the Public Health Coved 19 restrictions of movement of persons and related measures
  • Failing to wear face mask to mouth and nose while in public place contrary to Rule 6(1) (b) as read with Rule 11 of the Public Health Covid-19 restriction of movement of persons and related measure Rule 2020

According to the Milimani Chief Magistrate Criminal Courts, Francis Andayi, most of the accused persons who are found guilty pay fines ranging from Ksh. 200 to Ksh1, 000 and those who are not able to pay the fine are sentenced to Community Service Order

As the Covid-19 cases are being prosecuted, the Judiciary is maintaining the Health Ministry regulations by maintaining social distancing and at the same time ensuring that the court users and accused persons have water, soap, sanitizers and masks for prevention measures




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