Further Directions on Court Operations by the Chief Registrar of the Judiciary to Mitigate effects of COVID-19

Further Directions on Court Operations issued by the Chief Registrar of the Judiciary to Mitigate the Effects of the COVID-19 

  • ALL Tribunals should devise mechanisms to facilitate the hearing of urgent matters filed before them. This is critical especially for RENT RESTRICTION TRIBUNAL, BUSINESS PREMISES TRIBUNAL and COOPERATIVE TRIBUNAL which serve a large number of people.

Any mechanisms put in place should take into consideration the directions from the Ministry of Health on hand washing, sanitizing as well as social distancing.

  • On need basis, heads of stations will facilitate plea taking for matters that are not subject to police bonds.
  • Judges have been and continue reviewing files forwarded for purposes of prison decongestions supported by skeleton staff in each station for an extended period of two weeks. The Judiciary will separately issue a statement on the number of prisoners so far released.
  • The Registrar Magistrates’ Courts has availed to all justice sector agencies and the public the list of contacts persons for all court stations for purposes of processing very urgent cases enquiries (see Judiciary website judiciary.go.ke under the heading PUBLIC NOTICES)

For Civil matters, the National Council on the Administration of Justice committee appointed to monitor the administrative and contigency management plan to mitigate COVID-19 in Kenya’s justice sector has recommended the following:

  • Parties are encouraged to mutually extend the time by consent failing which they may approach the court for appropriate orders.
  • Courts, vide the Judiciary website, have provided a direct telephone contact of Deputy Registrars or liaison persons who can be reached by litigants and advocates for all enquiries. Email addresses have been provided where urgent applications can be sent to for review by the Deputy Registrar or liaison person who will share the same with the Judges and Judicial officers for directions
  • For any matter deemed urgent, the Deputy Registrar in liaison with the Judge/Judicial Officer will constitute court as soon as practicable, for purposes of hearing the matter.
  • Courts to consider granting extension of time for the filing of any time bound pleadings that may not have been filed during this period.
  • Staff stationed at Registries during this period to be facilitated with protection gear including gloves, masks and sanitizers while serving and transport to and from their homes.

The Judiciary will continue to monitor the situation and provide guidelines as appropriate.



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