Energy Tribunal

The tribunal is established under section 108 of the Energy Act Cap 314 2006 [Rev. 2012]


Under section 107, the tribunal has jurisdiction to hear and determine appeals from the Commission. Paragraph 10 of the fourth schedule to the Act provides that it has no jurisdiction to try any criminal offence or the hearing of any dispute that a licensee and any other party may have agreed to settle in accordance with their agreement.


Paragraph 7(2) of the fourth schedule to the Act provides that the quorum shall be 3 members including the Chair.

Appointment of members& appointing authority

5 members

Chair & Vice Chair-President appointed in consultation with the JSC

3 other members-Cabinet Secretary appoints in consultation with the AG’s.


It’s located at Nyayo Hse, 24th floor, Kenyatta Avenue

Tel: 0203310112 ext 254

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