Energy Regulatory Commission Tribunal

The tribunal is established under Sec 4 of the Energy act 2006


Sec 6 (l) of the act provides that the Commission investigates complaints or disputes between parties with grievances over any matter required to be regulated under this Act.


Sec 8 of the 1st schedule of the Act provides that five commissioners shall constitute a quorum for the conduct of business at any meeting of the Commission however, when there is no quorum at or for the continuation of a meeting of the Commission, the other Commissioners present may, if they deem it expedient so to do—

    1. Postpone the consideration of that matter until there is a quorum; or

    1. Proceed to consider and decide the matter as if there was quorum.

Members & appointment

8members-Section 10 of the Act


PS Energy-ex officio

Director General-ex officio

5 others-Cabinet Secretary


It’s located at Nyayo Hse, 24th floor Kenyatta Avenue

Telephone: 0203310112 ext 254

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