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DCJ Mwilu urges counties to engage robustly with court leadership

Deputy Chief Justice Philomena Mwilu delivered opening remarks during the High Level Council of Governors Legal Sector Meeting in Mombasa. She thereafter participated in a panel discussion on advancing access to justice and better governance within counties.

She underlined that counties are critical partners in achieving the Judiciary vision, Social Transformation through Access to Justice, that envisages the exercise of government powers in a manner that enhances public welfare and constructs a socially just society.

DCJ Mwilu stated that justice is not the exclusive province of courts and tribunals, it is practiced in everyday interactions with state and non-state institutions. As key actors in the socio-political and economic spaces of Kenyans, counties play an important justice function.

DCJ thanked Council of Governors and counties for the support to the Judiciary through hosting courts and allocating land for the construction of courts. She urged counties engage robustly with court leadership at the county level and through active participation in county court users committees.

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