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Tribunals are bodies established by Acts of Parliament to exercise judicial or quasi-judicial functions. They supplement ordinary courts in the administration of justice. Tribunals, however, do not have penal jurisdiction.Tribunals, like the courts, have to respect the Bill of Rights in their decisions and not be repugnant to justice and morality or be inconsistent with the Constitution or other laws of the land. Most tribunals are subject to the supervision of the High Court.



1.  Co-operative  Reinsurance Plaza, Taifa Road (11th & 12th Floor).
P.O Box 49021-00100, Nairobi
2.  Public Private Partnership Petition Committee Crescent House, 3rd & 4th Floor, Moktar Daddah Street.
P.O Box 37769-00100, Nairobi
3.  Competition  National Treasury Building,  12th floor,
P.O Box 36265-00200
4.  Transport Licensing Appeals Board (TLAB) Transcom House, 
2nd Floor along Ngong Road.
P.O Box 52692-00200, Nairobi
5.  Sports Disputes NSSF Building, 
24th Floor, Block ‘A’ Western Wing.
P.O Box 37530-00100, Nairobi
6.  Standards  KIRDI, Popo Road, Belle vue, off Mombasa Road, South C.
P.O. Box 30418-00100, Nairobi, Kenya
7.     Business Premises Rent  View Park Towers- 7th & 8th Floor.
P.O Box 47232-00100, Nairobi
8.  Industrial Property  Weights and Measures Complex, Popo Rd, South C.
P.O Box 50242-00100, Nairobi
9.  State Corporations Appeal  Reinsurance Plaza, 7th floor, Taifa road.
P.O Box 56653-00200, Nairobi
10.  Education Appeals   Jogoo House ‘B’, 4th floor, Room 433.
P.O Box 30040-00100, Nairobi
11 Political Parties Disputes  Milimani Court, Ground floor chamber 31.
P.O. Box 47382 Upper Hill Rd, Nairobi
12 National Environment  Popo Road, Belle vue, off Mombasa Road, South C.
P.O Box 6464-00100,Nairobi,Kenya
Tel: (+254-020) 6003729
13 Energy  Nyayo House, 24th floor, Kenyattta Avenue (Uhuru Highway).
P.O Box 42880-00100, Nairobi
14 Rent Restriction Crescent House, 3rd Muindi Mbingu Street.
P.O Box 68160-00200, Nairobi, Kenya 
15 HIV & AIDS  NHIF Building, Ragati Road, Upper Hill.
P.O Box 37953-00100, Nairobi
16 Legal Education Tribunals Secretariat.
Re insurance Plaza.
12th Floor, Nairobi
17 Micro and Small Enterprises Utalii Lane, 10th floor Left Wing, Along Uhuru Highway.
P.O Box 48823-00100, Nairobi
18 Communication and Multimedia  Appeals Transcom House 9th floor,
P.O Box 10756-00100
19 Competent Authority Sheria House, Harambee Avenue, 5th Floor.
P.O BOX 40112-00100,NAIROBI,KENYA.
+254 20 2227461
20 National Civil Aviation Administrative Review Board Transcom house, 7th Floor.
P.O BOX 52692



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