The High Court.

Historical Background

The High Court of Kenya has been in existence since the East African Order in Council of 1897 and the Crown Regulations, which established the Kenyan legal system. Through the order in Council, English Law was introduced to the Kenyan Ordinances and to administer the English Law, the colonial power introduced various classes of courts. The court with jurisdiction over all persons in the territory was first established in 1897, referred to as Her Majesty’s court of East Africa, which was later renamed as the High Court of East Africa. The Court was first established in Zanzibar and later moved to Mombasa within the Kenyan protectorate in 1902. In 1911, the High Court was transferred to Nairobi and British Indian Legal practices were substituted with English Law. The first courthouse in Nairobi was at the DC’s office in Upper Hill near present day Nairobi Club. It was later transferred to Town Hall within the city centre. From 1923, the Theatre Royal served as the seat of the High Court, with the Chief Justice and witnesses being accommodated on the stage. The High Court relocated to the present Supreme Court Building in 1931.

Later on the ordinance established the Supreme Court within the Kenyan protectorate that was the equivalent of the High Court in the Eastern Africa Protectorates of Uganda and Tanganyika. However, when Kenya became a Republic in 1964, the Supreme Court was renamed the High Court with unlimited original criminal and civil jurisdiction over all persons, regardless of racial or ethnic considerations.”

Mandate of the Court

The High Court is established under Article 165 of the Constitution. The Court is clothed with inherent jurisdiction to: determine all Criminal and Civil Matters; determine cases concerning the violation and or infringement of the bill of rights; hear appeals from subordinate courts and tribunals; interpret the constitution; and, exercise supervisory jurisdiction over the subordinate courts and over any person, body or authority exercising a judicial or quasi-judicial function. Any other jurisdiction original or appellate conferred to it by an act parliament.

High Court Stations and Divisions

There are currently 39 High Court Stations. There are also seven Divisions established as listed below. 


      2.Commercial and Tax



      5.Constitutional and Human Rights

      6.Judicial Review

      7.Anti-Corruption and Economic Crimes

Admiralty cases are filed and heard in Mombasa High Court.

There are 82 judges serving in the High Court compared to the legal establishment of a maximum of 200.


High Court  Principal Judge, Hon. Lady Justice Lydia Awino Achode

1.  Hon. Justice Martin Muya MatiBomet
2.  Hon. Justice Stephen RiechiBungoma
3.  Hon. Justice Kiarie Waweru KiarieBusia
4.  Hon. Justice Robert LimoChuka
5.  Hon. Justice Stephen GithinjiEldoret
6.  Hon. Lady Justice Hellen  A. OmondiEldoret
7.  Hon. Justice Olga SeweEldoret
8.  Hon. Lady Justice Florence N. MuchemiEmbu
9.  Hon. Justice George Matatia Abaleka DuluKericho
10.  Hon. Lady Justice Roselyne C. Lagat KorirGarsen
11.  Hon. Justice Joseph R. KaranjaHomabay
12.  Hon. Justice Edward Muthoga MuriithiKabarnet
13.  Hon. Justice Reuben NyakundiMalindi
14.  Hon. Justice William MusyaKakamega
15.  Hon. Mr. Justice Nyaga Jesse NjagiKakamega
16.  Hon. Lady Justice Ruth Nekoye SitatiKapenguria
17.  Hon. Lady Justice Grace Mumbi NgugiMilimani – Anti-corruption
18.  Hon. Lady Justice Gitari Lucy WaruguruKerugoya
19.  Hon. Lady Justice Christine W. MeoliKiambu
20.  Hon. Justice David Amilcar S. MajanjaKisii
21.  Hon. Lady Justice Rose Edwina  Atieno OugoKisii
22.   Hon. Justice  Fredrick Andago OchiengKisumu
23.  Hon. Lady Justice Cherere Thripsisa Wanjiku WamaeKisumu
24.  Hon. Justice Hilary Kiplagat ChemiteiKitale
25.  Hon. Lady Justice Lilian Nambwire MutendeKitui
26.  Hon. Justice George Vincent OdungaMachakos
27.  Hon. Mr. Justice Kemei David KipyegomenMachakos
28.  Hon. Justice Charles KariukiGarissa
29.  Hon. Justice Weldon K. KorirMilimani Constitution & Human Rights Division
30.  Hon. Justice  Said Juma ChitembweMarsabit
31.  Hon. Justice Alfred MabeyaMeru
32.  Hon. Justice Francis Muthuku GikonyoMeru
33.  Hon. Lady Justice Anne Adwera Colleta ApondiMeru
34.  Hon. Justice Antony MrimaMigori
35.  Hon. Lady Justice Hedwig Imbosa Ong’udiMakueni
36.  Hon.  Justice A. Mbogholi MsaghaMilimani Civil Division
37.  Hon. Lady Justice Maureen Akinyi OderoMilimani Civil Division
38.  Hon. Lady Justice Cecilia Wathaiya GithuaMilimani Civil Division
39.  Hon. Lady Justice Jacqueline  N. KamauMilimani Civil Division
40.  Hon. Lady Justice Lucy NjugunaMilimani Civil Division
41.  Hon. Justice Joseph Sergon Milimani Civil Division
42.  Hon. Lady Justice Mary Muhanji KasangoMilimani Commercial Div
43.  Hon. Lady Justice Beatrice Nthiori ThuraniraMilimani Commercial Div
44.  Hon. Justice James Aaron  MakauMilimani Constitution & Human Rights Div
45.  Hon. Justice Francis TuiyottMilimani Commercial Div
46.  Hon. Justice Grace NziokaMilimani Commercial Div
47.  Hon. Lady Justice Rachel C. B NgetichNakuru
48.  Hon. Justice Enock MwitaKajiado
49.  Hon. Lady Justice Wilfrida OkwanyMilimani Commercial Division
50.  Hon. Justice Luka Kiprotich KimaruMilimani Criminal Div
51.  Hon. Lady Justice Jessie Wanjiku LesiitMilimani Criminal Division
52.  Hon. Lady Justice Stella Ngali MutukuMilimani Criminal Division
53.  Hon. Lady Justice Grace Wangui NgenyeMilimani Criminal Division
54.  Hon. Mr. Justice Ogola Daniel OgemboMilimani Criminal Division
55.  Hon. Justice James WakiagaMilimani Criminal Division/Lodwar (Domicile)
56.  Hon.  Justice Aggrey O. MucheluleMilimani Family Division
57.  Hon. Lady Justice A. Ali-AroniMilimani Family Division
58.  Hon. Lady Justice Margaret MuigaiMilimani Commercial Division
59.  Hon. Lady Justice Lydia Awino AchodeMilimani Family Division
60.  Hon. Mr. Justice Onyiego John NyabutoMilimani Family/Anti- Corruption Division
61.  Hon. Lady Justice Pauline NyamweyaMilimani Judicial Review
62.  Hon. Justice John MativoMilimani Judicial Review
63.  Hon. Justice Eric Kennedy O. OgolaMombasa
64.  Hon. Justice Patrick OtienoMombasa
65.  Hon. Lady Justice Mugure ThandeMombasa
66.  Hon. Lady Justice Margaret MwangiMombasa
67.  Hon. Lady Justice Dorah O. ChepkwonyMombasa
68.  Hon. Justice Kanyi KimondoMurang’a
69.  Hon. Justice Richard Mururu MwongoNaivasha
70.  Hon. Justice Joel Mwaura NgugiNakuru
71.  Hon. Lady Justice Janet MulwaNakuru
72.  Hon. Justice Anthony Ndung’uNakuru
73.  Hon. Lady Justice Asenath OngeriMilimani Family Division
74.  Hon. Justice Hatari Peter George WaweruNanyuki
75.  Hon. Justice Justus BwonwongaNarok
76.  Hon. Lady Justice Esther Nyambura MainaNyamira
77.  Hon. Lady Justice Roseline P.V. WendohNyandarua
78.  Hon. Lady Justice Abigail MshilaNyeri
79.  Hon. Lady Justice Matheka Teresia MumbuaNyeri
80.  Hon. Justice Ngaah JairusNyeri 
81.  Hon. Lady Justice Roselyne AburiliSiaya
82.  Hon. Lady Justice Farah AminVoi
High Court Principal Judge, Hon. Lady Justice Lydia Awino Achode

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