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CJ Koome launches a Small Claims Court at Meru Law Courts

Chief Justice Martha Koome launched a Small Claims Court at Meru Law Courts bringing to conclusion the Phase 1 rollout of the Small Claims Courts in the country.
The Small Claims Court at Meru was operationalized in November 2022 and as at February 2023 a total of 110 cases had been filed, 63 finalized with awards of Kah10,662,215.
“The Small Claims Court is informal, simple, straightforward and is not wholly guided by rules of evidence. Parties can entirely proceed on the basis of documents presented in court without having to make oral submissions – Hon Dominica Nyambu.
The county appreciates the establishment of a Small Claims Court in Meru as it is an efficient way of expeditiously delivering justice.
“The Small Claims Court has reduced the high cost of filing and defending court matters. It is more friendly to unrepresented litigants” – Governor Kawira Mwangaza.
The Judiciary is looking forward to expanding the court’s footprint all over the country. A total of 100 courts to be operationalized in the next five years. The court resolves disputes within a statutory 60-day period. 


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