Bear in mind the nation’s history and context that informed the unique provisions of Chapter 6 of the Constitution on Leadership and Integrity: Urges CJ Koome

Chief Justice Martha Koome has urged Commissioners of the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission (EACC) to always bear in mind the nation’s history and context which informed the unique provisions of Chapter Six of the Constitution on Leadership and Integrity.
She said the Commission is intended to be a good governance-enhancing institution thus Kenyans expect them to work towards the realization of the goal of having an accountable governance system.
“The 2010 Constitution is unique in its preoccupation with concerns around integrity and corruption due to the concern that public service and supply of goods and services to government and its agencies has been turned into a gravy train for plunder of state coffers and national resources,” said the CJ.
CJ Koome explained that it is in response to this undesirable state of affairs that Kenyans entrenched principles on leadership and integrity in the Constitution and made the EACC the custodian and enforcer of these principles.
She asked them to strive in their work to enforce the normative standards on integrity and accountability set out in the Constitution, the Anti-Corruption and Economic Crimes Act and other laws saying that this is the only way to root out corruption in public service and public procurement.
“You must always remember that rampant corruption has compromised our ability to offer public services to our people thus leading to lack of access to basic necessities like education, health care, water, amongst others, by citizens including the vulnerable groups in our society,” said Chief Justice Koome
She added: “Our entire health care has been compromised by corruption and many people are dying from treatable diseases due to this vice, the same case applies for education and other sectors, this Judiciary is not an exemption as you might know we recently requested EACC to conduct our systems review and to advise us on how to root out corruption as you cannot talk of the Judiciary as the vanguard of justice and fairness and corruption at the same time.”
The CJ was speaking when she presided over the swearing-in of two new EACC members – Rtd Col. Alfred Mtuweta Mshimba and Dr Monica Wanjiru Muiru, at the Supreme Court, Nairobi, that was also attended by the Commission’s Chairperson Rtd. Archbishop Eliud Wabukala. 
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