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August 21st 2019 Media review

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Tuesday, August 20, 2019


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Anxiety as Uhuru remains​​ mum on fate of new judges​​ 

The Judiciary has once again found itself in a difficult situation​​ over the fate of judges shortlisted for promotion after the executive allegedly went mute on their gazettement. Chief Justice David Maraga​​ confirmed that​​ President​​ Uhuru Kenyatta​​ is yet to communicate to him after he submitted the names​​ of judges​​ recently recommended for appointment​​ by JSC to serve​​ in​​ the Court of​​ Appeal,​​ Environment​​ and Land Court and​​ Employment​​ and Labour Relations Court.​​ 


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Courts to go digital​​ in September, says CJ​​ 

The long-awaited digitisation of court records will be rolled out next month.​​ Chief Justice David Maraga said the move will herald the end of the archaic handwriting of notes by judges, magistrates and other judicial officers.​​ It will be replaced by digital court recording and transcription systems. He​​ said this was part of the ongoing reforms to create efficiency and transparency in the Judiciary to bolster Kenyans' confidence in the system.


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Judge queries minimum sentence​​ rule

Lower courts in the country will likely shy away from handing out prescribed minimum sentences to​​ convicts​​ if a recent court decision is anything to go by.​​ In a judgement given out by High Court Judge​​ Robert Limo, handing out mandatory​​ minimum​​ sentences imposed by the​​ Sexual​​ Offences Act​​ renders mitigation unnecessary, which is against the right to fair trial.​​ Judge Limo said prescription​​ of minimum sentences​​ renders​​ mitigation superfluous​​ because at the end of the day, it would​​ matter less​​ if a convicted person spends a whole hour or just 30 seconds praying for lenience.​​ 


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Locals protest against delays to solve land case

Residents​​ of Mathari in Nyeri County​​ embroiled in a prolonged court battle with the Catholic Church over the ownership of 2, 577 acres have protested against the delay in resolving the dispute.​​ They lamented that the case had taken over 10 years. The court proceedings in regard to the dispute have since been halted for lack of a judge.


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High Court stops the hiring of CA board

The High Court has suspended a gazette notice on the appointment of four independent directors to the Communication Authority board.​​ In issuing a temporary injunction, Justice Maureen Onyango faulted Information and Communication Technology​​ Cabinet Secretary Joe Mucheru for failing to follow the law.​​ 



  • A man has denied defrauding a judge of Sh1m in maize for wedding deal.​​ Josiah​​ Onyoni appeared before Chief Magistrate Martha Mutuku and denied the charges of obtaining over Sh1 million from a judicial officer through presences.​​ PD. P4​​ 

  • The hearing of a case in which a woman is charged with murdering​​ her husband was adjourned by an Eldoret court for lack of a judge.​​ The newspaper reports that this is because the judges are attending their annual​​ conference in Mombasa.​​ DN. P22.

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