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Integrated Court Management System Committee

The Integrated Court Management System Committee (ICMS) was established on 10th October 2014 as a standing committee by the former Chief Justice, Hon. Dr. Willy Mutunga. Its primary objective is to midwife the process of actualizing an efficient and effective Court Management System and advice on best ICT practices.

The Terms of Reference of the Committee are as follows;

  1. Undertake a critical analysis and a review of case management strategies and specifically the recommendations by the ICT Audit Committee to inform/guide the Committee’s decisions.
  2. Review past approaches to ICT and consolidate lessons learnt for best practices.
  3. Co-ordinate the implementation of the Court Management system for the Judiciary.
  4. Commission a baseline survey and ICT needs assessment.
  5. Formulate and oversee the implementation of Monitoring and Evaluation framework on Integrated Court Management Systems.
  6. Evaluate the effectiveness of strategic direction of the Judiciary with the implementation of the ICMS in regard to service delivery.
  7. Recommend adoption of policies and review of laws to ensure that the Integrated Court Management System technology is in line with the law.
  8. Formulate and pursue exchange initiatives and undertake comparative analysis of best practices to guide and improve the implementation of the court management system.
  9. Enlist and undertake consultancy on the most appropriate ways of implementing the recommendations of the Integrated Court Management System Committee report.
  10. Guide development of systems specifications.
  11. Generate regular reports on Integrated Court Management System to the Hon. Chief Justice.
  12. Identify and engage state and non-state actors for future involvement in the Integrated Court Management System.
  13. Co-opt other members from time to time to the Committee should need arise.
  14. Carry out other functions as may be necessary to the success of the implementation of the Court Management System.
  15. To undertake any other matters that may be authorized from time to time by the Hon. the Chief Justice.

The committee derives its membership from different cadres.  The current chairperson of the Committee, Hon. Justice Gatembu Kairu, was appointed by the hon. Chief Justice, in December 2017. It comprises of the following members;

  1. Justice Gatembu Kairu, JA – Chairman – Nairobi Court of Appeal
  2. Justice Kathurima M’inoti, JA– Member – Nairobi Court of Appeal
  3. Justice Fred Ochieng – Member – High Court, Commercial Division, Chair sub-committee on Efiling
  4. Justice Francis Tuiyott – Member – High Court, Commercial Division, Chair sub-committee on Transcription
  5. Lady Justice Jacqueline Kamau – Member – High Court, Voi.
  6. Judy Omange – Member – Registrar High Court, Chair ERP sub-committee
  7. Doreen Mulekyo– Member – Kwale Law Courts
  8. Peter Mulwa – Member – Office of the Registrar Magistrates Court
  9. Dr. Julie Oseko– Member – Malindi Law Courts
  10. Lyna Sarapai– Member – Naivasha Law Courts
  11. Nyimbi Odero- Member- Office of the Chief Justice
  12. Duncan Odima– Member – Directorate of ICT
  13. Steven Ikileng – Member – Directorate of ICT
  14. Dominic Nyambane– Member – Performance Management Directorate
  15. Benjamin Kinuthia – Member – Office of the Registrar High Court
  16. Getrude Asango– Secretariat – Directorate of ICT
  17. Sandra Ogot– Secretariat – Limuru Law Courts

The ICMS Committee formed three subcommittees to help achieve its mandate. namely; Transcription Subcommittee, E-Filing Subcommittee and ERP Subcommittee. Each of these subcommittees has its own mandate and a substantive Chairperson who is a member of the larger committee.

The Transcription Subcommittee chaired by Hon. Justice Tuiyott and is mandated to deliver a court recording and transcription solution for the Judiciary while the e-Filing Subcommittee is chaired by Hon. Justice Ochieng and is mandated to deliver an electronic filing system through which cases can be filed remotely. The Case Management and Enterprise Resource Planning Committee chaired by Hon. Judith Omange, Registrar High Court. The Subcommittee is responsible for ensuring that the Judiciary implements an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) that links all the administrative systems and an integrated court management system that houses all judicial systems.



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