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Sustaining Judiciary Transformation Framework [ Download ]

This blueprint discusses in considerable detail the measures that we will be undertaking to achieve the objectives outlined above. The document is divided into six chapters that examine in depth the strategic initiatives that will define the next phase of reforms in the Judiciary.

       1). Chapter One focuses on interventions that will be geared towards enhancing access to justice.

       2). Chapter Two pays attention to the clearance of case backlog.

       3). Chapter Three and Four address the challenge of integrity and the institutional mechanisms
             that will be put in place to deal with this problem.

       4). Chapter Five expounds on the new Judiciary Digital Strategy.

       5). Chapter Six addresses Leadership and Governance issues that the SJT will give priority to.


Whereas the SJT provides the broad institution-wide framework for better service delivery, and whose implementation will be overseen by a Committee headed by the Deputy Chief Justice, the next phase of transformation will be undertaken from a bottoms-up perspective. Therefore, each court station is required to prepare its own Service Delivery Charter on the basis of which its performance shall be judged. The real transformation of the Judiciary will only be achieved if the citizen experiences a qualitative difference in the services we offer to them.

 Strategic Plan 2014-2018 [Download]

This 2014-2018 Strategic Plan for the Judiciary appropriately, therefore, marks a redoubling of our transformation efforts. As our theme suggests, we are “building on the early successes and lessons of Judiciary transformation.”. More specifically, it provides fresh impetus and guidance on how we must now broaden, deepen and sustain transformation for the long-term. At the same time, it retains a clear and present focus on the directive mandate that the Constitution provides. We are still in the “business of justice”.


Judiciary Transformation Framework(JTF) 2012-2016 [ Download ]

The Judiciary Transformation Framework (JTF) was the Judiciary’s four-year reform blueprint that pulled the institution out of decades of near paralysis to a modern service oriented institution operating on world class standards. The Judiciary is expected to bring the new Constitution to life by changing it from a policy into a living, breathing document which promotes values and principles and advances the rule of law and human rights, develops the law and contributes to good governance.

The Judiciary Transformation Framework (JTF) commits the Judiciary to pursuing four ‘Pillars’ of justice;

1). People – Focused Delivery of Justice – Aimed at delivering justice services that are more focused on the needs of the people.

2). Trans-formative Leadership, Organizational culture, Professional and Motivated Staff – Aimed at acquiring and delivering judicial leadership that will transform managerial and judicial outcomes.

3). Harnessing Technology as an enabler for justice – Aimed at harnessing the use of technology as an enabler for improving the effectiveness of the judicial system.

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