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Judiciary Committees

The leadership of the Judiciary is assisted by various committees to oversee certain tasks and

advise the leadership on specific sectors.

Arising from the reforms proposed in the Judiciary Blueprint, Sustaining Judiciary

Transformation: A Service Delivery Agenda, (2017-2021) launched by Chief Justice Emeritus

David Maraga, the retired Chief Justice expanded and renamed the former Judiciary Leadership

Advisory Committee (JLAC) to the Judiciary Leadership Team (JLT) in January 2021. JLT

comprises the following:


  1. a) The Chief Justice as the Chairperson
  2. b) Deputy Chief Justice as the Vice Chairperson
  3. c) President of the Court of Appeal
  4. d) Principal Judge of the High Court
  5. e) Presiding Judge of the Environment & Land Court
  6. f) Principal Judge of the Employment and Labour Relations Court
  7. g) Chief Registrar of the Judiciary
  8. h) Registrar, Magistrates’ Courts
  9. i) Any other person that the Chief Justice may co-opt

In addition to the JLT, the following Committees were established to ensure smooth and

coordinated operations within the Judiciary.

Judiciary Management Committee (JMC) comprising the following:

  1. Deputy Chief Justice as the Chairperson
  2. Chief Registrar of the Judiciary
  3. Chairpersons of the six standing committees
  4. Secretaries of the six standing committees (ex-officio)
  5. Any other person as may be appointed by the Chief Justice.



Six standing committees whose membership represent the breadth of personnel in both

judicial and administrative functions in the Judiciary.


These standing committees are:

  1. Administration of Justice and Court Performance Committee (AJCPC)
  2. Planning and Budget Implementation Committee (BIC)
  3. Human Resource Management & Administration Committee (HRMAC)
  4. ICT & Integrated Case Management Systems Committee (ICMS)
  5. Buildings, Infrastructure & Facilities Development Committee (BIDC)
  6. Public Affairs and Communication Committee (PAC)



Each committee is required to hold a meeting and prepare a report to the JMT at least once

every quarter. The Standing Committees, in reporting to the Chief Justice through the JMT

and JLT, provide the Hon. Chief Justice with a holistic, comprehensive, contextual and current

status across the institution. They are designed to work within their mandate and not to displace

or detract from specific statutory, regulatory and administrative committees such as those

established by the Chief Registrar in the execution of the constitutional and statutory mandate

of that office. They do however provide oversight, prevent overlap, enhance coordination and

ensure that decision-making is well informed and that action areas are monitored and duly




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