‘A Justice System Fit For Children’ – CJ Koome launches Children Service Month

Chief Justice Martha Koome presided over the launch of the Children Service Month at the Kamukunji Police Station as part of commitment by the Judiciary and actors in the justice sector to improve responsiveness to children’s matters.

She said the backlog of cases involving children was identified as one of the hindrances of administration of justice towards this critical mass of our society, who make 51 per cent of our population.

“I direct that we use the service month to clear pending cases involving and affecting children. Children’s matters ought to be concluded within six months due to the impact that they have on their vulnerability,” CJ Koome said.  

She said all court stations must put in place Children’s Court User Committees as forums to coordinate matters relating to the delivery of justice in children’s matters and as a means to sensitise the community on matters related to child justice.

She urged National and County Governments to put in place Child Protection Units in all police stations. This she added, will ensure that children in conflict with the law or who are victims of crime access comprehensive care services including psychosocial support and legal aid.

“I thank the NCAJ’s Special Taskforce on Children Matters, led by Justice Teresia Matheka and our development partners for the great work they are doing in pursuit of our goal of putting in place a child-friendly justice system,” CJ said.

The service month is themed;  ‘A Justice System Fit For Children’





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