A high-level think-tank panel discussion on e-Governance sustainability with President of Estonia

Chief Justice Martha Koome took part in a high-level think-tank panel discussion on e-Governance sustainability with the President of Estonia, H.E. at the Strathmore University.

She said that the Judiciary will not look back in embracing technology. The Supreme Court, Court of Appeal and the Commercial Court at Milimani, are already conducting proceedings online.

The CJ added that Nairobi and its environs have fully embraced e-filing of cases and this will be rolled out to other parts of the country.

“We may be facing some technical challenges but we will not relent. We’re seeing possibilities and will leverage on expertise from our friends in the Estonian Government and Judiciary, which have fully incorporated technology.

She added: “I envision a Kenyan Judiciary that uses technology to dispense justice in an efficient, cost-effective manner. As we deepen the Judiciary’s digitisation agenda, we will be guided by the basic tenets of scale and innovation: interoperability, standardisation and engendered trust for the users to believe and use the systems.”

The CJ was accompanied by Supreme Court Judge Isaac Lenaola who chairs the ICT and Integrated Court Management Systems Committee.
Other panelists were Kenya’s ICT Cabinet Secretary Joe Mucheru, Dr Vincent Ogutu, VC-Designate, Strathmore University and Arvo Ott Director of the e-Governance Academy, Estonia.
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