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List of MAC Accredited Mediators as at February 25 2017. Download MAC List]

The Mediation Accreditation Committee (MAC) is a committee established under section 59A of the Civil Procedure Act (Chapter 21, Laws of Kenya). The appointment of the current Committee members was made by the Hon Chief Justice through Gazette Notice No 1088 of 2015.Chaired by the Chairman of the Rules Committee, Hon Justice Alnashir Visram (JA), MAC is charged with the mandate to inter alia maintain a register of qualified mediators. The register also forms a pool from which mediators are nominated and appointed to take part in the ongoing Court-Annexed Mediation Pilot Project. The mediators are selected from interested applicants who meet Accreditation Standards set by the Committee. The process of accreditation is open and ongoing. Qualified and interested mediators are encouraged to apply. List of MAC Accredited Mediators as at  February 25 2017. [ Download MAC List]

Application form for Accreditation and Enrollment on the Panel of Court Annexed Mediators [Download MAC- Updated Mediator Accreditation Request Form   ]



Mediation Accreditation Committee:  Mediator Accreditation Standards. See Download or below Download MAC - Accreditation Standards  ]










Scope of application

  1.  The Mediation Accreditation Committee establishes the following as minimum requirements for any person seeking to be accredited as a mediator.
  2. These Accreditation Standards apply to any person who seeks to be accredited by the Mediation Accreditation Committee to act as a mediator and assist two or more participants to manage, settle or resolve disputes or to form a future plan of action through a process of mediation.

The Standards.

  1. 3. These Standards:  Apply to mediation being carried out under the Court Annexed Mediation Programme.

a)     Specify requirements for mediators seeking to be accredited by the Mediation Accreditation Committee; 

b)     Define minimum qualifications and training of such mediators; and

c)      Assist in informing participants, prospective participants and others what qualifications and competencies can be expected of mediators.

Training and education. 


  1. any person seeking to be accredited as a mediator shall need to comply with the following basic requirements:


(a)    Possess an undergraduate degree from a University accredited by the Commission for University Education.

(b)   Be a current member, in good standing of a Professional body.

(c)    Be Certified as Professional Mediator from established Mediation Training Centres.

(d)   Attended and completed a mediation course of not less than 40 hours training.

(e)    Completed at least 3 Mediations


Requirements for Accreditation

  1. Any person seeking accreditation as a mediator shall apply to MAC. The application shall be in  the prescribed form 1 as set out in the schedule and shall be accompanied by the following:


(a)    An undertaking by the applicant to comply with on-going practice standards and compliance with any legislative and approval requirements.


(b)   Certificate of current membership in a registered and recognized professional body with a defined disciplinary process.


(c)    references from the following groups of people and institutions:

(i)     two credible members of their community, religious body, institution, association  who have known them for more than FIVE years; and


(ii)               Certificate of good standing from their respective professional bodies.

(d)   Tax Compliance Certificate ( Valid for 6 months from the date of application )

(e)    Current Resume

(f)    the application  fee of Ksh 1000 or as may be reviewed by MAC from time to time


Mediation Accreditation Committee may, approve or refuse an application for membership.



Registration fees

  1. Upon receipt of Notification of approval, the mediator shall pay Ksh. 10,000/- as registration fees within 21 days.
  2. Upon payment of Registration fees, the name of the Mediator shall be entered into the roll of mediators by MAC

Continuing accreditation requirements.

  1. Every Mediator in the MAC register is required to comply with the following requirements to maintain their accreditation status;


(a)          conducted at least 25 hours of mediation or co-mediation or conciliation within the year in consideration; or, 


(b)         completed at least 20 hours of continuing professional development within 12 months of accreditation


(c)             Must pay the Mediator Accreditation Committee annual MAC subscription fee of Ksh 10,000/- or as may be reviewed by MAC from time to time

Cessation/Removal/suspension of a mediator.

  1.  A mediator shall be suspended or removed from the register of Accredited Mediators where there has been:
    1.  non-compliance with the Accreditation Standards,
    2. Breach of code of conduct or the mediation rules,
    3. there has been non adherence to ethical guidelines or professional requirements, or
    4. failure to renew accreditation status
    5. a disciplinary cause and the Mediator has been struck off or suspended from their respective professional body or
    6. Has become bankrupt, of unsound mind or deemed medically unfit to serve in that capacity through any existing written laws of Kenya.

The accreditation offered by MAC shall otherwise cease to continue once a mediator resigns in writing or by reason of his/her death.


  1.  A mediator shall be informed within 14 days of the concerns of MAC and provided with an opportunity to respond to MAC.

Disciplinary process.

  1.  MAC will initiate the disciplinary process to deal with removal and suspension and shall provide access to such disciplinary process where such decisions will be made in a procedurally fair manner. 


















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