THE Judiciary

The Environment and Land Court

The Environment and Land Court as one of the Courts contemplated by article 162(2) is a Superior Court just like its counterpart, the Industrial Court. Both have the same status as the High Court.

The court is established under section 4 of the Environment and Land Court Act No. 19 of 2011. It has jurisdiction to hear any other dispute relating to environment and land.

The jurisdiction of the court is provided under section 13 of the Act. The  Court has original and appellate jurisdiction to hear and determine all disputes in accordance with Article 162(2)(b) of the Constitution and with the provisions of  Act or any other written law relating to  environment and land.

The court has powers to deal with disputes relating to land administration and management. The court is also empowered to hear cases relating to public, private and community land and contracts, choses in action or other instruments granting any enforceable interests in land.

The court also exercises appellate jurisdiction over the decisions of subordinate courts or local tribunals in respect of matters falling within the jurisdiction of the Court.

The court further exercises supervisory jurisdiction over the subordinate courts, local tribunals, persons or authorities in accordance with Article 165(6) of the Constitution.
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