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Budget Reduction to affect JTI Activities

The National Treasury recently directed budget reduction on the current budget of the Judiciary due to low performance of revenue and emerging priorities. As a result, JTI has revised its Training Calendar to downscale trainings to accommodate this development.  Readmore 

Continuous judicial education and Kenya School of Government
(KSG) trainings

JTI has facilitated induction programmes for about 1500 new staff of the Judiciary. For existing staff, the institute facilitated 356 Judicial Officers and staff to attend Kenya School of Government trainings. Readmore

 JTI staff retreat and team building
JTI staff attended a retreat aimed at training and equipping them with skills of minute taking, change management, report writing and rapporteuring. The training which ran from July30 to August 4 in Mombasa also engaged participants in team building and excursion activities. The facilitators were drawn from the KSG in Nairobi and Mombasa. Readmore

Court of appeal judges trained on legal framework for revenue and tax laws
JTI conducted a training workshop for Court of Appeal Judges from 12th to 15th October, 2017. The main agenda of the training was discussions around revenue and taxation issues that relate to law. Readmore

Research Programmes
As part of JTI mandate to undertake various research programmes and or come up with policies, various research programmes have been actively in progress. Amongst the programmes undertaken by the JTI’s Research and Policy Department are: Readmore

Induction for New Staff
In order to enhance the human resource capacity of the Judiciary, the Judicial Service Commission recruited over 1200 Judiciary staff during the 2016/2017 financial year.The staff includes secretaries, clerical officers, court interpreters, ICT officers and archivists. Readmore

 Workshop for judges of Employment and Labour Relations Court
The ELRC held a workshop for its Judges between 4th and 7th October, 2017. The workshop’s theme was“Striving towards an efficient Employment and Labour Relations Court with a focus on Sustaining Judiciary Transformation: opportunities, challenges and strategies”. Readmore

Sustaining Judiciary Transformation
As part of dissemination and sensitization of staff, all trainings and workshops organized by JTI have had a component of SJT.The components include fair access to justice, clearance of case backlog, integrity, fight corruption and re-organization of Judiciary complaints handling mechanisms, restructuring and strengthening the office of the Judiciary Ombudsperson, Judiciary digital strategy and leadership and governance. Readmore

Introduction of performance targets at JTI. Performance Management and Measurement Understanding (PMMU) for JTI.
JTI negotiated performance targets and contracts with PMMU during 2016/2017 financial year to cascade the contents of the contract to the staff of the institute. Readmore

JTI negotiated performance targets and performance contracts with PMMU during 2016/2017 financial year to cascade the contents of the contract to the staff of the institute. Read more

Judiciary Training Master Calendar July 2017 – June 2018 [ Download Calendar  ]

 Judiciary Training Institute staff at Shimo La Tewa. 

The Judiciary holds its Annual Sports Day - May 26 and 27, 2017.
The event involves court stations from 15 regions. The teams are participating in different in and outdoor games. Read more

Highlights of the Chief Justice Blueprint
Chief Justice David Maraga launched his Strategic Blueprint on January 25th 2017, titled Sustaining Judiciary Transformation: A New Service Delivery Agenda. Read more



Trainings on electoral dispute resolution enhanced
Electoral dispute resolution plays an important role in ensuring credible elections, the reason why the Judiciary takes training of its staff on the subject seriously. Read more



Judiciary Annual Sports Day scheduled for May
The Judiciary Training Institute (JTI) has already formed a technical committee which comprises staff members from different offices and directorates within the Judiciary to begin the preparations for the event. Read more



JTI Priority now on EDR Training
The directive by the Chief Justice was informed by the need to ensure that the Judiciary is prepared to handle the avalanche of election disputes likely to be before the courts after the 2017 elections. Read more


Introducing our inaugural online newsletter
The fundamental changes we are making internally are intended to not only shift our own perspectives but also radiate and inspire those like you who we relate and work with every day. Read more



The National Treasury Circular dated 25th September 2017 directed budget reduction on the current budget due to low performance of revenue and emerging priorities namely repeat of the Presidential election, insecurity, drought response measures and Government of Kenya counterpart funds requirement. 
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