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Court Administrators visits Uganda on an exchange tour


Seventy six Court Administrators visited Uganda on exchange and study tour under the theme “Towards establishment of Court Administration as a Profession in the East African Region.” During the visit, the Interim Association of Court Administrators of East Africa (ACAEA) was also launched.

In Uganda, the team visited courts especially court registries, the Judiciary Studies Institute and held a professional meeting with their Ugandan counterparts.


The objectives of the Exchange/Study Tour included;


a) To learn, in comparative perspective, the importance of record management and the maintenance of proper registry systems;


b) To appreciate the importance of having a horizontal organizational structure for the proper functioning and innovation of registry structures that work for the court users -- and, in that way, appreciate the un-mined tenets of Kenya’s Judiciary Transformation Framework;


c) To learn best practices in court administration, innovation for better customer service and leadership as a means of improving the administration of justice, reducing court delays and promoting fair and efficient management of courts;


d) To facilitate cross-border cooperation, consultation and exchange of information and ideas in the same way judges in the region do;


e) To identify in a collaborative fashion with the Ugandan counterparts, goals and standards relating to the administration of justice; and


f) To explore the possibility of establishing court administration as a distinct profession in the region -- one with its own standards and regulations -- as a way of enhancing the rule of law and administration of justice in the region.

Chief Justice Willy Mutunga speaks at the inaugural East African Law Students Association (EALSA) conference sponsored by JTI [ Download Speech  ]

Judges and magistrates benefit from Alternative Dispute Resolution Training

The Judiciary Training Institute (JTI) has partnered with ICJ-Kenya and Strathmore Dispute Resolution Centre to train judges and magistrates on Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR).

The 15 magistrates and 10 judges who are attending the training at the Institute will be equipped with knowledge and skills on how to apply mediation as one of the ADR mechanisms in settling disputes.

The training is meant to increase levels of knowledge and awareness on the role of Mediation in resolving conflicts. The training will help participants to join the Institute as Associate Members and rise up the ranks to Accredited Mediators.

Participants, who retire from the Judiciary, will continue to be useful to society, as out of court dispute resolvers.

 Judges and magistrates pose for a group photo during the Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) training at JTI.


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