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Office of the Chief Registrar

The Chief Registrar serves as:

  1. The Chief Administrator of the Judiciary
  2. Accounting officer of the Judiciary

Functions of the Chief Registrar include

  1. To prepare estimates of expenditure and  submit to the National approval
  2. Administer the Judiciary Fund
  3. Secretary to the Judicial Service Commission; National Council for Administration of Justice.
  4. Perform Judicial functions vested in the Chief Registrar by law
  5. Exercise powers vested in the office of the Chief Registrar by virtue of any law or regulation and  give effect to the directions of  the Chief Justice
  6. Authorized officer of the Judiciary  who shall be responsible for the efficient management of the day to day operations and administration of Human Resources in the Judicial Service
  7. In charge of support services in the Judiciary and in particular, planning, development and organization of staff
  8. Monitor and enhance administration and office procedures to maximize on efficiency and quality of service.
  9. Plan, prepare, implement and monitor the budget and collect, receive and account for revenue
  10. Prepare reports and proposals on administration issues
  11. In charge of the procurement of all stores, management and maintenance of all physical facilities.
  12. Maintain and develop cooperation with key staff in the public service and other institutions and agencies
  13. Ensure efficient devolution of the administrative units to county levels, including a high court division in each county
  14. Acceptance transmission and custody of documents
  15. Enforcement of decisions of the JSC
  16. Certifying that any order, direction or decision is an order , direction or decision of the Commission, the Chairperson or member as the case maybe
  17. Undertaking any duties assigned by the Commission
  18. Perform such other duties as may be assigned by the Chief Justice from time to time