CJ tours courts in Kisii county

Chief Justice David Maraga toured courts in Kisii County to inspect service delivery, meet staff and members of the Court Users Committee (CUC) as well as County leaders.


Addressing staff and judicial officers Kisii, Ogembo and Keroka Law Courts the CJ asked courts across the country to purchase furniture from local businesses instead of relying on central supply of imported items.


He said this will ensure quality while promoting local businesses. Some of the imported furniture, he said, break down even before it is assembled while some locally-made furniture lastss many years. 


"The only furniture that should be procured from outside is specialized items such as orthopedic chairs," the CJ said. 


In Kisii, the Chief Justice met with Governor James Ongwae who he thanked for allocating land to the Judiciary for a modern court building in the town. He told the Governor that planning for the building will commence as soon as the allocation is formalised.


He said the modern court building will carter for more chambers, court rooms, office space and other space needs for judicial officers, staff and other court users. He added that the Judiciary is exploring possibilities of establishing courts in Nyancheki and Manga areas to take court service closer to the people and ease case backlog at Kisii Law Courts.


Governor Ongwae directed his officers to ensure the allocation formalities of the land in Kisii were completed within the shortest time possible.


The Governor said his administration is working closely with the Judiciary to establish courts that will deal with matters related to county issues.


On election dispute resolution, the Governor asked the Judiciary to ensure they are adequately prepared to steer the country through peaceful election disputes resolution.  He commended the Judiciary for nurturing devolution in the country and sticking to the constitution with regard to county matters.


Meanwhile, Justice Maraga advised residents of Kisii to embrace alternative means in resolving disputes. He identified family disputes involving land as cases that clog the court system for a long time. He said resolving succession cases through Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) ensures a win win situation for all parties hence promoting harmony in the community. 

The CJ called on courts to promote ADR and utilize service weeks to clear case backlog. This he said was in line with his blueprint that aims at disposing cases that are older than five years in the system.


Justice Maraga maintained that judicial officers should take charge of court proceedings to ensure cases are dealt with expeditiously. 


He further hinted that the Judiciary will give priority to cases related to county issues. He said this is necessary to ensure operations of the county governments do not stall.


He commended the cooperation between the Judiciary and the county governments saying that judiciary is committed to supporting devolution in the country. 


The establishment of a High Court registry in Kilgoris to handle cases from Trans Mara to ease case backlog in Kisii, the need to recruit additional Environment and Land Courts Judges in Kisii and Nyamira, staff and other judicial officers, were among issues raised by the stations.