CJ Maraga launches construction of Isiolo High Court

News Release. Judiciary, Kenya. CJ Maraga launches construction of Isiolo High Court.

Chief Justice David Maraga today laid the foundation stone for the Sh379 million High Court building in Isiolo.


Accompanied by Isiolo Governor Gonaya Doyo, the Chief Justice said this was part of the Judiciary’s mission to have High Courts in all the 47 counties.


He said that when Isiolo Court starts working, only eight counties will be left without High Courts. The Judiciary has also committed to building magistrates’ courts in all the 290 subcounties (districts) in the country.


During his discussions with Governor Doyo, the Chief Justice asked county governments to allocate land to the Judiciary for construction of courts in the future.


“It doesn’t matter if we build the courts in 30 years or even 100 years, let the land be safe in the hands of the Judiciary so that we do not have a recurrence of the current situation where courts cannot expand for lack of land.”


In Isiolo, the Judiciary will consider building permanent courts in Garbatulla and Merti, which are currently served by mobile courts. Governor Doyo said his government was willing not only to donate the land but also avail some existing buildings for setting up permanent courts as funds for construction of new courts are awaited.


The Isiolo High Court is projected to be completed by October 2018.

The court will have  eight courtrooms, nine Chambers, a Huduma Centre, police and prison cells – both segregated for male and females; Judges’ lounge; magistrates’ lounge, lactating rooms for mothers; offices for DPP; Probation and other NCAJ agencies; Registries, Archives, stores and library.


The court design incorporates views from the local community,  gathered through the Court Users Committee which was represented at the launch.


Tomorrow, the Chief Justice will meet the Governor of Meru before going to Maua to inspect service delivery.